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A01 Gradient Iphone Wallpapers

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A01 Gradient Iphone Wallpapers

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This is a collection of wallpapers specifically designed for the iPhone 14 Pro but regardless of which phone you use, they will look pretty good. You have 3 wallpapers included in the free version and have four different types of wallpapers in the $9 premium version.

The free version includes

- 3 wallpapers, a sneak peak of the premium wallpapers, the notch hide wallpapers and the reference wallpapers. Greens are not included.

The premium version includes

- 40 premium wallpapers which is pretty good.

- 20 wallpapers to mix colors with the background of the iOS dock in Dark Mode and nearly hide the notch.

- 12 wallpapers with a reference at the bottom right.

Depending on the size of your phone, you may need to use the perspective zoom when applying one of the wallpapers to find the right size.

*Mockups and icons not included

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1720 x 3728
72 ( Premium Version )
4 ( Premium Version )
The licensed asset can appear in non-commercial project
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