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B01 iOs Icons

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B01 iOs Icons

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A icon set that includes 79 dark icon designs and 79 light icon designs for the most popular apps, letting you customise your home screen to give it a clean and beautiful aesthetic. You have 10 black and white icons included in the free version and 158 icons in the $9 version.

Please note that there are no notification badges on shortcut apps and that to use these icons, you have to setup the app shortcuts and apply the icon of your choice.

The free version includes

- 10 icons, a sneak peak of the full version icons in black and white.

The full version includes

- 79 dark icons

- 79 light icons

You can see the list of icons here and how to use it properly here.

*Mockup not included

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1000 x 1000
158 ( Full version )
2 ( Full Version )
iOS 14+, iPad OS
The licensed asset can appear in non-commercial project
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